50 Pounds Down In Only 3 Months

31.4lbs Lost - 3inches at Waist - 5inches at Hips
I lost 53 lbs
I have been completely off the program for 10 weeks now 
and have lost a total of 53 pounds.  
Thanks for changing my life.

Lost over 44 lbs
I just wanted to touch base with you and tell you that I
am on maintenance and doing great.  I have lost over 44lbs. 

I am staying within my range of weight and it
is easier than what I thought. I just wanted to thank you and I hope
you are getting more clients because I send them your way all the
time. They ask me on facebook,at the grocery store or even by email. 

I hope your Christmas was great! 
Thanks again, Brandy!!

Size 16 down to a Size 6
This young lady is down to the weight and size she was
in high school.  Keep in mind that she has 2 kids and is happy 
to talk about the process.

8.2 Pounds Lost and Counting: The Amarillo Chiropractor
Here is a lady who has lost 8.2 pounds and counting on the Isagenix Weight Loss System.  This is part of Dr. Gunney's weight loss program at The Zone.  
Who's your Chiropractor and Weight Loss Expert Amarillo?  
The Amarillo Chiropractor, Dr. Stephen Vincent.
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